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I’m a member of iConsumer and I think you should be too. It’s completely free, you earn Cash Back rebates when you shop online, save money with great coupons/deals, and you earn stock in the company itself. Plus, you get 100 shares of stock in the company just for joining. Again, free!
iConsumer ~ Save, earn, & own! Join & earn 100 shares! Cash Back rebates & coupons! https://www.iconsumer.com/QFY7JTJ #iConsumerShop
iConsumer is a free service, owned by its members, where shopping at any of 1,700 stores like BestBuy, Travelocity, Overstock, and hundreds more, means a Cash Back Rebate and earning shares in the company itself. Get Your Share. Crowd Built & Crowd Owned.


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Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear @Seventhgen #generationgood!





Seventh Generation biobased Laundry Packs use quadruple-enzyme power to remove stains and leave your clothes looking as good as new! Plus, the toss-and-wash single-dose pods make laundry day simple and mess-free.


A clean you can trust! EPA Safer Choice certification means that every ingredient in our laundry packs has been reviewed by the EPA to ensure it meets their stringent human health & environmental criteria. You can relax, knowing that you have made a good choice.

The Free & Clear option, without any added fragrances, is made for sensitive skin.

– Quadruple-Enzyme Formula Removes Tough Stains

– EPA Safer Choice Certified Product

– USDA Certified Biobased Product – 94%

– All-temperature laundry packs work in hot and cold water.

– Effective in HE & standard washers.

– 0% dyes, synthetic fragrances, and artificial brighteners.

Citrus & Cedar laundry detergent packs are gently scented with essential oils and botanical extracts.


I was selected to try @Seventhgen Free & Clear detergent packs made for sensitive skin, free, in #generationgood! #freesample


I personally feel good using this product knowing that it is better for my family, especially my son who has sensitive skin.  It was gentle enough that he did not break out from it as he does with a lot of other detergents. Our clothes are clean and fresh!

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Fight for Your Right to Know

Stand up for accurate labeling!


What’s the big deal anyway?

Vaginal tissue is very sensitive, which means we should be extra careful about what’s coming into contact with it. The walls of the vagina are filled with numerous blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which allows for direct transfer of chemicals in to the circulatory system. In fact, there is considerable interest in vaginal drug delivery systems because the vagina is such an effective site to transfer drugs directly into the blood without being metabolized first.

One study found that a vaginally applied dose of estradiol (an estrogen proxy) resulted in systemic estradiol levels in the body 10 to 80 times greater compared to the same dose given orally. So, you should really know what the heck is in the products you use around the vagina.

The whole truth.

Right now, some companies tell you a little bit about what’s in their products. While tampon and pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients, many do include some basic information on their packages about the ingredients — unless they use fragrance. A ‘fragrance’ in a product can be made up of 50-200 different ingredients, many for which health data simply doesn’t exist. This black box means that you could be exposing your body to fragrance ingredients without even knowing it.

We can do better.

Forward-thinking companies are already doing the right thing for women by voluntarily disclosing the ingredients used in their products. And leaders like Seventh Generation are taking the extra step to advocate for transparency industry-wide by co-sponsoring a rally in May.

Together, on May 23, women concerned about their health will stand alongside business leaders and tell Congress that we have the right to know what’s in the products we use so intimately. Congress can do their part by enacting a very simple, common-sense law.

Wow, I learned that the average woman uses 16,000 tampons over time, and that no federal law requires makers to disclose the ingredients in them.   Protecting the right to know is important for all women in our lives. Learn more about this!  #comeclean #generationgood #free


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ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda help #BakingSodaDoesThat #ad #free

Getting ready for Spring Cleaning?
Let ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda help #BakingSodaDoesThat #ad #free


Make Cleaning Simple with Baking Soda!

ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda is a natural and affordable way to clean and freshen all around your home. Baking Soda is pure, safe, and effective, which makes a great alternative to using harsh chemicals. Families use Baking Soda in hundreds of different ways. It cleans, deodorizers, helps bake perfect cookies, and more! Safe around kids and pets, no other product does more throughout your home…all for about $1.

ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda is natural, and scratchless surface cleaner, you can also clean and deodorize your fridge, microwave, lunch boxes, garbage cans, tile floors, drains, shower curtains, closets, pet bedding, stuffed animals, and much more!

You can also check out my video on youtube here: https://youtu.be/NPC5uKPaN8w


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Chat with Vera: National Geographic books help get the kids excited about careers: “Things to be when you Grow Up,” “You Can Be a Paleontologist!” & ‘Ultimate Explorer” [Review & Giveaway]



1 copy of 1 book per winner
Begins May 8
Ends May 29 at 12:01 a.m. EDT
Open to USA addresses only.
Randomly selected winners may select the book they would most like to receive. They will be sent that book if another winner has not responded with the same request prior to their request. Therefore, winners will be asked to list the 3 books in the order they wish to receive the 1 book they won. If  that book has not yet been selected, they will receive their 1st choice. If their 1st choice was previously selected by an earlier responder, they will receive their 2nd choice, etc.

Source: EChat with Vera: National Geographic books help get the kids excited about careers: “Things to be when you Grow Up,” “You Can Be a Paleontologist!” & ‘Ultimate Explorer” [Review & Giveaway]

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Meatless Mealtime Ideas

Protein is essential for the body to function. Protein repairs muscles and supplies our bodies with the energy we need to keep us going strong. For many of us, our primary source of protein is from meat products. If you are ready to dial down your meat intake or perhaps go vegetarian, there are other sources of protein from all five of the MyPlate food groups.

Read more here:

Fresh Baby



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Tom’s of Maine Toy Recycling Program



This year, Tom’s of Maine challenges you to reduce 1lb of waste per week through the #LessWasteChallenge.


Take the #LessWasteChallenge and recycle your old toys!

TerraCycle® and Tom’s of Maine have partnered to create a free recycling program for used toys from now through April 30.

From now through April 30th they want to help you meet this goal by providing a free recycling program for your old toys. Here’s how it works:

1.Click the button below to get your free shipping label (one label per person)

2.Fill a box with up to 10 pounds of toys

3.Send us your box of toys using your free shipping label to be recycled

It’s easy. It’s free. And it’s a great way to teach kids how to take care of our planet.

Learn more by going here Tom’s of Maine Toy Recycling Program

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Ergo Chef Exclusive Crimson G10 10 Piece Cutlery Set Giveaway!! –


Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps Co-Hosted By:   Beautiful Touches Do Not Pet Life With Steph Welcome To My Kitchen The Frugal Family Tom’s Take On Things Michigan Savings and More Java John Z’s The Ministers Wife My Devotional Thoughts Networking Witches Everyday Southwest Peanut Butter and Whine My Silly Little Gang Romania and…

Source: Ergo Chef Exclusive Crimson G10 10 Piece Cutlery Set Giveaway!! –

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Bloomlife tracker!



Pass It On!


Have a bump-ed friend approaching the big day? Show off your new mom know-how, and share the better way to track and count contractions.
She’ll get $20 off her order, AND we’ll send you a $20 Amazon gift card to say thank you for every friend you refer! Diaper money! Pass It On!



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where local mamas meet, plan playdates, get social, and more!

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