Eyeball Boxing Game Giveaway

Eyeball Boxing Game #Giveaway http://giveaways.quirkyengine.com/giveaways/eyeball-boxing-game-giveaway-2/?lucky=1743 via @

Get a free copy of Eyeball Boxing: A Hotdog-Building, Eyeball-Punching Good Time!Look what the Director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre has to say about Eyeball Boxing:”Fast paced, easy to learn, ’Eyeball Boxing’ is as fun as it is absurd.”-Jared Hess, writer/director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho LibreEyeball Boxing pits players in the ring as a group of scrappy, eyeball characters. Fists fly in a toe-to-toe punch-out brawl where only one eye can take the prize.The last eye standing or the first to make 3 hotdogs wins in Eyeball Boxing, the hilarious card game from Quirky Engine Entertainment.No purchase is necessary. Just throw your name into the hat for your chance to win a copy of this acclaimed family game from Quirky Engine Entertainment.

Source: Eyeball Boxing Game Giveaway


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