Mirari Glow To Sleep #Review

Mirari Glow To Sleep #Review




Musical soother with calming sounds and soft lights!

• Included sounds: babbling brook, car ride, heartbeat, lullaby, soft rain, rainforest, rumbling train, ocean waves, white noise, shushing.
• Use the Bluetooth® feature to play your own sounds, songs and stories; compatible with any Bluetooth-capable device.
• SD card slot also allows you to customize using your own micro SD card.
• The gentle lights soothe baby, and are also a convenient night-light for parents peeking in!
• On/off options for lights; volume control for sound.
• Micro USB cable and rechargeable backup lithium battery included.
• Easy to operate!

The Wonder of Family
Families deserve to enjoy their time together, and Mirari makes those treasured moments easier to capture. Mirari, from the Latin word for “wonder,” offers solutions to help your family get a better, more restful night’s sleep, so that your day together is spent experiencing the wonder of playtime. Cherish these Mirari moments, because a world of wonder begins with enjoying the wonder of family.


I recently had the opportunity to review the Mirari Glow To Sleep for my grand daughter. Her and her parents were quite taken with it and so was I.

I admittedly am not a really high tech kind of gal but this device was very simple to use and came with well written instructions that were easy to understand. There are buttons on the back of the device to control on/off and sound.

My favorite thing about it was that you can use the Bluetooth to customize and play your own sounds, your voice or stories. You can also use an SD card with your own content on it.

The color of the lights are a nice soft array of pastels and change slowly with the music. That in itself is quite soothing and seemed to fascinate my grand daughter. She looked at the lights until she fell asleep. The device played and held a charge for about 8 hours which I was happy about.

My only criticism is I would have liked the buttons in the back to have stuck out a little more or to have been a little larger. Something to make them a little more distinguishable.

Would I recommend?  Yes I would. My grand daughter is sleeping much better and longer since using the Glow To Sleep so it has been beneficial to the whole family having it.

You can find more information at their website:

Mirari® Glow to Sleep® | PlayMonster


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