Heck Of A Bunch: It’s SIDS Awareness Month – HALO SleepSack Giveaway

October is SIDS Awareness Month, a great time to remind parents, grandparents and caregivers about safe sleep for baby. Here is some info, tips and advice about safe sleep:

3,500 Babies – Number of babies that die each year from SIDS and SUIDS.

1 way to put baby to bed – “Back is best” – Baby should be placed on his/her back, and alone in a crib or bassinet that is free of any soft bedding, toys, pillows, etc. HALO is the #1 choice of hospital nurseries.

5 times – A 2013 British study concluded that bed sharing increased the risk of SIDS by five times, and according to the AAP, bedsharing is the number one cause of death among infants up to 4 months.

68-72 degrees Farenheit – Recommended temperature to keep baby’s room.

1500+ hospitals – The HALO Safer Way to Sleep program is in 1500 birthing hospitals and teaches new parents safe sleep techniques through demonstration by the nursing staff. This reaches nearly half of the 4 million babies born each year in the U.S.


Source: Heck Of A Bunch: It’s SIDS Awareness Month – HALO SleepSack Giveaway


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