Chat with Vera: Bucket filling – asking, helping, sharing a concept to share [Review & Giveaway]


We’ve all heard of “Bucket Lists” and things to do or accomplish before we’re “gone.” But there is an even brighter and better concept of buckets. That is – bucket filling. What is it? Who does it? And why do it?

The authors Carol McCloud and Karen Wells have a designed books for a variety of ages and the theme of them all is helping and sharing happiness and kindness. What a much better world we would have in which to live if we all carried around virtual buckets which we filled and which we allowed others to fill for us. There would be more gentleness, more kindness, more happiness and there would be less strife, less meanness, less bullying, and less sadness.

The end pages of Will You Fill My Bucket? give some really good information that I wish to share…..

Imagine that as a very young child you were never held in someone’s arms, never pushed on a swing, never cuddled, never played with or even spoken to. Tragically, the world discovered that this was life for many children in the Socialist Republic of Romania from 1974 to 1989.

Determined to increase his country’s population and build its workforce, Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime forced women to bear children they could not afford to care for, which resulted in an estimated 150,000 babies and children being warehoused in state-run institutions. While basic needs for food and water may have been met, these orphaned children were fundamentally deprived of love, touch, and human affection. . . . . . We now know that children’s buckets, which represent their mental, emotional, and social health, require daily filling with positive affirmation, acknowledgment, and affection.

Human need for love and affection knows no boundaries; it is the same around the world.

So let’s see just what these books look like and how they can be used in my life, your life, your children’s lives, and in schools across the world.

Source: Chat with Vera: Bucket filling – asking, helping, sharing a concept to share [Review & Giveaway]


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