Chat with Vera: ABC Rainforest [Review & Giveaway]

About the book: A is for Amazon, B is for Blue Arrow Poison Frog, and C is for Canopy: Welcome to the rainforest! This stunning alphabet book from the famed American Museum of Natural History presents one of Earth’s most exquisite and endangered environments. Through magnificent images, kids will encounter a diverse range of rainforest flora and fauna, from flying foxes and gorillas to kapok trees, leafcutter ants, orchids, and X-ray Tetra Fish. What a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of nature and conservation—and their ABCs, too!

My thoughts: The ABC Rainforest book produced by the American Museum & Natural History does more than entertain and teach association of the ABC’s with items. It is a beautifully presented board book said to be for ages 2-5. However, I find that the information in the book, while a really good book for this younger group, can easily grab the attention and provide insight for the upper elementary grades. Will older students be “put off” by a board book? Perhaps, but teachers and librarians as well as parents would do well to provide this delightful entertaining and educational experience to children.
This is a large board book that allows plenty of page space to present the information and will do well as a read-aloud book for groups. Facts are presented ranging from deforestation to creatures that live in the rainforest. Did you know that the rainforest is not only in the Amazon, but it entails a temperate zone rainforest as well that reaches northern climes? Some creatures that live in the rainforests actually do not ever touch the ground – they live in the canopy or upper region of the trees.
A fascinating book for the young and for those a bit older and will certainly become an educational treasure. Congratulations to the American Museum of Natural History and Sterling Children’s Books for another super book.


Source: Chat with Vera: ABC Rainforest [Review & Giveaway]


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